Turnkey Services
  • In-house PCB Manufacturing
  • Original&Good Price Parts Sourcing
  • Prototype&Batch Assembly Services
Low cost
  • Prototype Assembly Price Start at 50$
  • 2 Layer Samples Start at 20$
  • Sample Cost Refund
High Quality
  • Strictly follow IPC-A-610D Class II & III
  • Strictly follow ISO9001
  • 100% Tested before Delivery
  • PCB Fab with 24 hours express
  • PCB Assy with 12 hours express
  • Smooth Supply Chain for Components

Our PCB Assembly Solutions

Full Turn-Key PCB Assembly

Full Turn-Key PCB Assembly

Full Turn -Key covers all aspects of 
PCB Assembly, including PCBs 
fabrication, parts sourcing, assembly, 
QC inspection and functional test. 
Yingstar will take care of the entire 
processes, customers just need to 
send us the PCB files and BOM.
Quick Turn Prototypes Assembly

Quick Turn Prototypes Assembly

For clients who require a low quantity,
convenient and fast turnaround for
the prototyping of their designs. We
provide cost-effective and quick-turn       
prototype PCB assembly services.
We ensure delivery of all assembled
PCBs on deadline.
Low Volume PCB Assembly

Low Volume PCB Assembly

Yingstar provide short-run circuit
board assembly services, as per your
requirements, with facilities located in
China to provide the lowest cost for
our customers. Low volumes are
generally defined as small amounts of
less than 1,000 PCBs.
High Volume PCB Assembly

High Volume PCB Assembly

Yingstar can offer long-term and high
volume full turnkey PCB Assembly
services. Strict quality control,
flexible supply chain and stock
management can guarantee the
boards we delivered are with Top
quality, Fast speed and Good price.

Our PCB Assembly Capabilities

Assembly Types
  • SMT Assembly
  • BGA Assembly
  • Through-hole Assembly
  • SMT & Thru-hole Mixed
  • Kit Assembly
PCB Types For Assembly
  • FR4 Rigid PCB
  • Aluminum PCB
  • Flex PCB
  • Rigid-Flex PCB
Assembly Lead Time
  • From 8 hours to 72 hours when parts are ready
Component Types
  • Ball Grid Arrays(BGA) of 0.2mm pitch with X-Ray inspection
  • Passive Components as Small as 0201(inch) package
  • Fine Pitch chips as small as 8 mils
Test Types
  • AOI Inspection
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • Voltage Test
  • Chip Programming
  • Functional Test
Order Quantities
  • 5pcs to 100,000pcs
  • From Prototypes to Mass Production

PCB Assembly Requirements


  • SMT & THT Assembly
  • 2 sided SMT, THT Assembly
  • Mixed Assembly


  • Gerber RS-274X, 274D or PCB Design file
  • BOM (Bill of Materials, .xls, xlsx)
  • Pick-N-Place/XY file
  • ...


  • 0201, 0402, 0603 ,0805...
  • SOIC, POP... Connectors
  • Small Pitch of 8 Mils


  • Visual Inspection
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • AOl, ICT (In-Circuit Test)
  • Functional Testing


  • Lead-Free (RoHS)
  • Reflow Soldering
  • Wave Soldering

Why choose us to manufacture your PCBAs?

Profession, Quality, Responsibility
  • Advanced SMT Lines from world's leading brands
  • One-stop Solution for PCB, Parts Sourcing, Assembly & Testing
  • PCB Assy with 12 hours express
  • Prototype PCB Assy cost start at 80$
  • Cost Reduction thru Alternative Parts
  • 99% on-Time shipping
  • Customer's Intellectual Property Protection
  • Great quality approved by thousands customers all over the world
Fr4 PCB Assembly5% - 10% cheaper than average
Fr4 PCB Assembly
Metal Base PCB AssemblyMainly 1 - 4 layers, Fast Delivery
Metal Base PCB Assembly
Flex PCB Assembly Start at 50$, Fast and Good
Flex PCB Assembly

Components Sourcing Capabilities


Work with world famous electronic components manufacturers or their first class agents to guarantee components' lead time and originality.


More than 10 years' in-depth research of China local electronic components manufacturing industry can help us find the most appropriate and cost-saving local substitutes for our customers;


Severe supplier evaluation system and incoming materials inspection, which can make sure all incoming parts are correct and with good quality.


More than 5000+ in stock components to keep cheap price and short lead time.


Strict PCBA Test

Below are PCBA Tests we applied:

  • iVisual Inspection, 100%.
  • iAOI Inspection( for normal SMD package parts),  100%.
  • iX-Ray Inspection( for BGA and QFN package      chips), 100%.
  • iVoltage Test, 100%.
  • iICT Test and Functional test ( can guarantee all    boards qualified before delivery), 100%.

See details of those tests and equipments, pls

click here.

Our Advantages

Low cost
Assembly Price Start at 80$
2 Layer Samples Start at 20$
Sample Cost Refund during Batch Production
Competitive advantages of our supply chains
You may order as small as 5pcs, or you can order as large as 100,000 pcs of PCBA from us. We do not force you to buy what you do not need indeed to save your expenses.
Free DFM
All your orders will be receiving a free engineering file review service from our trained and professional technicians before you pay in the most timely manner.
Advanced Capabilities
We support Fine Pitch components as small as 8 mil pitch, Passive Components as small as 0201 package, Ball Grid Arrays (BGA) as small as 0.2mm pitch with AOI & X-Ray inspected placements, and more. View Assembly Capabilities
On Time Delivery
We can do the on time delivery, because:
1. We regularly stock over 5000+ common parts;
2.We have professional sourcing team and work with world famous electronic components distributors. Further more, our engineering teams can help customers resolve sophisticated technical issues.

Quality Guarantee
Strict PCB Assembly process, see more, pls click here.
100% functional tested before delivery
Two years warranty;
Never use fake parts or recycled parts;
None-disclosure agreement signed.

Advanced SMT Lines

Ten Temperature Reflow Oven


X-Ray Machine

THT Lines

Wave Soldering Lines

Batch Production Boards


Cutomer MJ

Customer Tomi

How to Get a Quote

For PCB Assembly Quote, besides the PCB file, please also including the BOM list, we will quote you a full turnkey PCBA service that includes PCB fab, PCB assembly and
purchasing all components. For BOM list, we need EXCEL format one, it should include the basic information: Designators, Quantity, Part number, Package, Description, etc.. If
not sure how to start or have some special requirements, feel free to contact us. We will surely help you to sort it out.

For Functional test, it's no problem for us to do functional test, you just need to provide us the programming software and test instructions, we will do 100% test before delivery.
For the cost, you just confirm how long it takes per piece, then we can quote the functional cost for you.