Why Choose YingStar

No Minimum Order Requirement
You may order as small as 5pcs of PCBA from us. We do not force you to buy what you do not need indeed to save your expenses.

Competitive Price
Yingstar regularly stock over 5000+ common parts from quality manufacturers and cooperate with the world famous electronic components distributors like DigiKey, Mouser, Element14, Arrow, Avnet, Maxim and Future Electronics to guarantee our supply chain is smooth and serve both the urgent needs and common needs with fastest lead time and competitive price.

Free DFM
All your orders will be receiving a free engineering file review service from our trained and professional technicians before you pay in the most timely manner.

On Time Delivery
We can do the on time delivery and shorten customers’ wait time, because:
1, We regularly stock over 5000+ common parts;
2, We have the most professional sourcing team and cooperate with world famous electronic components distributors;
3, We have our own PCB and PCB assembly factory;
4, We have our own design team whom can help customers resolve the most sophisticated technical problems.

Quality Guarantee
We guarantee that all the products we manufactured are 100% qualified and have at lest one year guarantee period, but the premise is that all the parts of the products are provided by us (including PCB, electronic components and assembly work). And for those products only partially services provided by us, we are only responsible for the liability of the services provided by us.

Return and Refund
Dissatisfaction does occur from time to time. In case our assembled boards are not usable due to our fault, you can ask for compensation. We can refund to your account directly or credit your Yingstar account, these credits are available to pay for your next orders with us. We can also rework the unusable boards and re-ship to you at our cost, but please cooperate to solve the problem if need to rework.

We treat all your information as highly confidential and maintain the strictest standards to protect your intellectual property rights (IP).
The confidentiality of your information is protected with the following means and processes.

·  Authorized access only: To external users, only authenticated users can access information which he/she is authorized to view. To internal users, access of information is on a need-to-know basis. Your information are compartmentalized and linked with number IDs. For instance, our production engineers who can view design files can only see project and customer IDs; our shipping won’t see billing details; and our accounting won’t see design files.
·  Transmission: All sensitive information are encrypted with SSL during transmission.
·  Security audit: We conduct regular security audit to maintain our high security standards.
·  Deletion of information: We will erase any specified information by request.