Industries Served

Industrial Control

Yingstar has many years experience manufacturing many kinds of industrial automation control boards, such as industrial computer mother boards, industrial automation robot controller boards, industrial laser controller boards, elevator controller boards, 3D printer boards, drone controller boards, industrial power supply,etc. The features of industrial control boards are muti-layer, high density, high stability. 

Yingstar is a ISO9001 certified PCB Assembly factory which can meet IPC-A-610 class III, and the supply chains of Yingstar are being frequently audited by Yingstar’s supplier evaluation team, which can guarantee that the qualification rate of Yingstar’s boards can be higher than 99.5%. 

Yingstar can support customers from prototypes building to batch production, so work with Yingstar, no need to worry about MOQ limits, you can place an order of 2-5pcs, we will support you until all design issues solved.