Industries Served


For Automobile, Yingstar mainly making electronic PCBA boards of Vehicle Telematics Platform, Vehicle Tracking Systems, Fleet Management Systems and Vehicle Parking Systems for customers. Those products usually require good quality and reasonable price GSM/GPRS/GNSS modules. Yingstar directly work with Ublox, Quetel, SIMCOM and Skylab to provide customers good quality and cheap price modules.

Each year, Yingstar make tens thousands of above mentioned boards for our worldwide customers. Customers only need to send us the designs(PCB files and BOM), and we will take care of all the manufacturing jobs, including PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, electronic parts sourcing, cable harness assembly and functional test. Yingstar work with original parts manufacturers or their first grade agent to provide customers the best quality and best price product.
See below some of our frequent making fleet management and vehicle tracking boards.