Industries Served


Internet and AI makes everything becoming smart, and also make people’s life much more convenient and easier. Those years, Yingstar makes a lot of “smart things” for our customers, like 3G smart gateways, smart electronics meter, smart water valve, smart home, smart buildings and intelligent education robots, etc. For those projects, all the designs are provided by our customers, and Yingstar handle the manufacturing jobs from pcb fabrication, electronic components sourcing, pcb assembly, wire harness assembly, and functional test.  

Yingstar is very familiar with China local market, for normal parts like resistors, capacitors, inductors, fuses, connectors, relays, SD card holders, batteries, switches, crystals, LEDs, led displays..., we usually suggest customers use Chinese brands to save costs, as their quality is also very good. Yingstar also has very good supply chains for chips, modules which used in IOT projects, such as Telit modules, muti-tech modules and gemalto modules, which can help customers optimize product costs and shorten project delivery time. 

See below the boards we made which used in IOT fields: